Insurance Services

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We are here to welcome new prospective clients to evaluate our agency, while we also than our current foundation of client for their trust and opportunity to service their needs.

Founded in 1984, Jackson Insurance Services has been servicing pacific coast business owners. The offices of Jackson Insurance Services has been designated as an “Elite” for Farmers Insurance Group of Companies.
Our specialization includes, but is not limited to the following:

Condominium & Community Association Projects

Insuring all types Condominium and Community associations is a primary operation of Jackson Insurance Services. As a member of Community Association Institute we pride ourselves in the evaluation and professional placement of our HOA Insurance portfolio. Read More

Apartment Projects & Apartment Portfolios

Apartment Project or Apartment building insurance can be complicated, and insuring wrong can cost our investors dearly. Jackson Insurance takes pride in taking the headache out of the insuring process, so that our Managers, Asset Managers and property owners can focus on what they do best.  Read More

Loss Control

As trained field underwriters, we are able to identify and recommend loss control techniques that will assist in avoiding large claims and thereby saving thousands of dollars in premiums. On larger portfolios we are able to pre-contract a predetermined a Third Party Administrator (TPA). In the event of a large property loss, your TPA will assist in negotiating with your insurance company the most for you.

Jackson Insurance Services insures all contractors. From the Builder Owner of apartment projects and community associations, to the artisan contractor, we do it all forms of Contractors Insurance. Read More

Contractors Liability Insurance (All Trades)

Jackson Insurance Services are professionals in the placement of:

  • Earthquake Coverage for all home owners associations, and property portfolios

  • Flood Coverage in hard to insure locations such as Lakes, beaches and water fronts.

  • Wind Coverage areas prone to wind damage and the coverage needs to be specifically underwritten.

Catastrophic Coverage

Today’s Workers Compensation market is more complex than ever. With access to many carriers, Jackson Insurance Services can not only conduct market research for you, we also review loss histories and audit the Workers Compensation Bureau Reports to ensure the correct experience modification is being calculated for your company. Learn more.

Workers Compensation Insurance