How Much Does Life Insurance Cost?


How Much Does Life Insurance Cost?

The difference between worrying about the future and preparing for the future is doing something about it today. You may be able to buy life insurance for less than you might think. The price you will pay depends on your age, health and other risk factors, and the amount of the death benefit you want. Generally, the younger and healthier you are, the lower your premium will be.

How much Life Insurance do I need?

It’s important to determine how much life insurance coverage is right for you. Employer-provided life insurance may end if your job changes and may not meet your goals and needs.

Consider your specific situation to help determine the amount of coverage you need:

  • Your age and income

  • Your martial status; if married your spouses age and income.

  • The number and ages of your children, any special needs they may have and projections for future educational expenses

  • Your family’s cost of living, including your mortgage, as well as other outstanding debts

  • Charitable giving goals

  • Aging parent or disable relative who depends on you for support

  • Final expenses, such as unpaid medical care and funeral costs.

Why Farmers?

We know you have a busy life. With Farmers, you can conveniently manage all of your insurance in one place with one agent. Matt Jackson offers a free needs-analysis service that can simplify the process and help you determine the right life insurance for your situation. And, our multi-line discounts may save you money.

Fore more than one hundred years customers have turned to Farmers New World Life Insurance Company to help protect the financial security of their loved ones, the continuity of their businesses and the stability of their retirement incomes. For generations, in good times and bad, we have kept our promises to our customers and the ones they love.

Matt Jackson is associated with Farmers Insurance Group of Companies, one of the nation’s largest insurance groups, providing home, auto, business and life insurance, annuities and financial services.

We want to help make your smarter about life insurance now, because the more your know, the better your can plan for what’s ahead.
— Matt Jackson